July 2018

Go Green To Overcome Load Shedding This Winter

Since the beginning of Winter, the common word we have been hearing from Eskom is “Load shedding”. This is when there is insufficient power station capacity to supply the demand (load) from all the customers, so the electricity system becomes unbalanced, which can cause it to trip out country-wide and take days to restore. Eskom has recently stated that load shedding would remain a real risk for the next five years, according to a report by the City Press. This report is coming up just after a few months since Eskom increased the electricity tariffs.

It is possible to prevent all these challenges through the affordable Off-Grid Solar Power Systems, as they can be sustainable solutions to the power crisis that many South Africans are facing today. With that said, getting a solar panel kit at home can surely give you the backup power that you need to ensure that you won’t run out of electricity especially during load shedding.

Furthermore, Solar geysers use the sun’s energy to heat water which simply means that you get hot water for free. Approximately 50-60% of the average home energy consumption is spent on heating water, hence using solar geysers will reduce your energy cost by the same percentage which will amount to thousands of Rands in savings every year.

Go Solar, always have warm water and stay out of darkness this winter. SOLAR IS THE FUTURE!!!