Solar Water Heating Solutions

Solar Water Heating System are the most cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home.

Apollo Solar Technology offer 4 different Solar water heating solutions for all domestic homes in South Africa.

Product Description:
  • All new vacuum tube technology.
  • Tank is manufactured from stainless steel.
  • Evacuated tubes are top quality, 2.2 mm thick.
  • Tough pre-coated corrosion resistant zinc outer wrap.
  • Tank insulating material is 50mm thick
  • High Pressure Water heater rated at 400kPA.
  • Hail/Freeze resistance on tubes and tank.
  • Electrical Backup included.
  • Capacity: 100L, 150L, 200L, 300L
  • 5 Year System Warranty (T’s & C’s Apply

Product Description:

The complete Cistern Type Solar Water Heating System is ideal for low-income housing, where homes do not have an electric water heater to supply hot water and in rural areas and homes where electricity is not readily available to heat water. It provides hot water to those who do not have the luxury of having hot water on the tap. High efficiency system

  • Capacity: 100L, 150L, 200L, 300L and 350L
  • 5 Year System Warranty (T’s & C’s Apply)

Product Description:

With a split system installation, we use your existing geyser and convert that to a solar geyser. You still have electric backup and a timer on your existing geyser for those cloudy and rainy days when there is no sun.

  • Convert your existing geyser to a solar geyser
  • Circulates water with a 12V solar pump
  • Start saving on electricity immediately
  • Absorbs extra heat faster than normal tubes due to copper pipes inside
  • SABS Approved
  • Capacity: 100L, 150L, 200L, 250L and 300L
  • 5 Year System Warranty(T’s & C’s Apply)

Product Description:

Thermosiphon solar collectors provides mains pressure pre-heating via a high efficiency copper coil heat exchanger located within the solar collector tank. The way in which the Mains Pressure solar collector heats water is the same as the Non pressure solar collector. Rather than using the water in the tank directly, as the Non pressure does, the type uses a 45~60 copper coil heat exchanger inside the tank which provides more than 1.2mP2P of heat transfer area. When water flows though the coil it absorbs heat from the water inside the solar collector tank. The solar collector tank is therefore a thermal store.

  • Capacity: 200L, 300L and 350L
  • 5 Year System Warranty (T’s & C’s Apply)

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